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Virtual Objects

In addition to Extbase models rest can export data from any database table. Virtual Objects are defined in TypoScript and configure the mapping between database columns and properties.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that changes (including but not limited to update and delete) to Virtual Objects are performed directly on the database. The TCA is NOT respected. When deleting a record, it will be removed permanently!

Example configuration

plugin.tx_rest.settings.virtualObjects {

    # Name of this Virtual Object resource 
    # which will be used in the URL rest/VirtualObject-MyResourceName/
    # or in the URL rest/virtual_object-my_resource_name/
    MyResourceName {

        mapping {
            # Name of the table to map to
            tableName = my_resource_table

            # A property to use as identifer
            identifier = property1

            # If FALSE and a property is encountered that is NOT defined in 
            # the mapping an exception will be thrown
            skipUnknownProperties = true

            properties {
                # Define the property name
                property1 {
                    # Define one of the types: 
                    # string, float, int(eger), bool(ean), email, slug, url, trim
                    type = string

                    # Define the column name to map to
                    column = property_one
                property2 {
                    type = float
                    column = property_two
                property3 {
                    type = int
                    column = property_three
                property4 {
                    type = integer
                    column = property_four
                property5 {
                    type = bool
                    column = property_five
                property6 {
                    type = boolean
                    column = property_six


When converting from or to a Virtual Object each mapped property value will be converted.

In addition to the default PHP variable types (string, float, int(eger), bool(ean)) the following types are supported:

  • email: The value is converted to an email (with PHP's FILTER_SANITIZE_EMAIL)
  • url: The value is converted to an URL (with PHP's FILTER_SANITIZE_URL)
  • trim: Whitespaces are trimmed from the beginning and end of the string value (with PHP's trim function)
  • slug: The value must only contain alphanumerics, dashes and underscores (must match /^[a-zA-Z0-9-_]+$/)

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